1How can I afford to pay for my education/training?
There are many ways to afford MAC Pro education and training. First, set money aside for your educational requirements and apply when you have saved enough for the course you want. Our courses are open enrollment. Second, we offer several payment options and easy payment plans. Third, students can work while in school. This will help deter the cost of program fees. We also assist our students with employment updates.
2How much does it cost to go to school?
Prices vary depending on the course. The only true way to give an accurate answer on the cost would be to thoroughly interview the individual to discuss options and their future employment goals.
3Do you offer job placement assistance?
Yes, we offer employment assistance to all current and graduate students of MAC Pro. We cannot guarantee employment; however, the student may position themselves for potential employment with MAC Inc. In addition, we maintain contact with the industry mavens and we love to pass a good name on to those why are hiring.
4Is there tutoring available?
Yes, MAC Pro provides a variety of study material practice quizzes/test, webinars and freebies. In addition, you will have access to the instructor via email or virtual classroom.
5Is the course all online?
Everything related to MAC Pro is based online. All communication with the students will take place via the internet, email, fax, mail or phone.
6What is the admissions process?

We make the admissions process easy. All you must do is complete the online enrollment application We will contact you to schedule an interview and to answer any further questions. You can also schedule an interview with an admissions representative who will assist you with the entire enrollment process.

We ask that students have all the required information at the time of the interview with admissions representatives to expedite the enrollment process. Once all forms are complete, the student will receive all needed materials.

7When can I enroll in a school program?
Students can enroll in our programs at the start of a new module, which is usually once a month (according to program). You will get detailed information on class schedules during the interview process. You can also check our online calendar.
8What if I can’t make my payments on time?
MAC Pro believes in helping our students succeed. However, payments are expected on time as agreed upon. Should your payment arrive late, it will be subject to late fees and collection procedures. Returned checks will be charged an NSF fee of $35.00. All payments MUST be up-to-date to continue courses.
Note: Cost of national certification exam is not included.